Broderick Binns, 2010 Orange Bowl Champion

A MyFuturePlay representative will build, and maintain, your personal student- athlete web page. Which includes:
- Documentation (Transcripts, ACT results, Letters of Recommendation, news, articles, etc.)
- Photo gallery
- A personal event calendar
- Highlight Video and Full Game.

- Personal game statistics
- College Coach profile hit tracker (SEE WHO IS INTERESTED IN YOU IN REAL-TIME).
- NCAA Student Resource Tools

The web  page can be updated as needed without limitation. Distribution of information will be sent to college coaches on unlimited basis. MFP will work with you and your family to maintain the web page.

*We provide guidance related to the NCAA, NAIA, and JUCO recruiting guidelines. Information and advice about contact periods, dead periods, quiet and evaluation periods. Education related to college athletic camps, third party combines and traveling athletics. All student- athletes are marketed in according with NCAA and NAIA rules and guidelines.


1. Create an online tool to expose millions of student athletes to college coaches for a chance to earn an athletic scholarship.
2. Enhance high school student athletes’ exposure in order to improve their chances of getting recognized and recruited by college coaches.
3. Save high school coaches time by providing them with the tools to help their players obtain a athletic scholarship.
4. Provide a valuable resource for college coaches. Even smaller programs with limited budgets will be able to search for athletes that meet their criteria, in seconds. This truly will allow programs to find players that might otherwise have been overlooked and compete for athletic scholarships.

5. Educating parents on the simple process of recruiting from the beginning of a student athlete's high school career! 

Minnesota's Big Three: Rashad Vaughn (UNLV, NBA Draft), Tyus Jones (DUKE National Champions, NBA Draft), and Reid Travis (Stanford University)
Why Should You Use MyFuturePlay Profiles?
1. Our service is inexpensive. Students athletes will learn the process of recruiting from first contact to obtaining an athletic scholarship. 
2. Parents and student athletes will learn how to improve their chances of obtaining a college scholarship.
3. Sharing your highlight reel with college coaches.
4. Avoid paying the high price of recruiting services.
5. Learn how to enhance your exposure to college coaches.
6. MyFuturePlay Profiles are available to all athletes.
3GAME+HL+Games conversion to required format for college coaches.
Fact: Top sports sites only focus on the elite high school student which would be considered to be the top 5 percent leaving out the remaining 95 percent of potential recruits. Not everyone is a division one athlete, but they do have the ability to play collegiate sports.